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Certification Committee

The Certification Committee supports and encourages the education, training and certification of digital (electronic) reporters, transcribers and those in associated roles for the purpose of establishing and maintaining optimal performance of their professional duties.

The Committee maintains the certification exams for digital (electronic) reporting and transcription that are available to AAERT members. The Committee grades the practical portion of the certification exam and updates all certification-related materials.

Committee projects and tasks may include:

  • Attending regularly scheduled meetings via teleconference
  • Researching best practices in electronic reporting and transcribing
  • Ensuring that the exams reflect the latest trends as reflected in the best practices in the field
  • Exploring alternative testing options for best delivery to AAERT members
  • Creating test questions for the theoretical exam
  • Determining certification testing protocols
  • Creating, updating and implementing a CEU policy for maintaining certification
  • Answering questions from members and the general public about the certification process

Committee members can expect to commit about one hour of their time per week to committee related activities, are expected to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, and are encouraged to attend the AAERT Annual Conference.

Committee members are required to be AAERT members in good standing and must hold an AAERT certification.

Committee Chair:

Merritt Gilbert, CER, CDR

Any further questions can be directed to aaert@aaert.org or 518-432-9973.

If you would like to join a committee, fill out the application here.

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