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Best Practices Guide

AAERT does not require any specific type of exam preparation or training, and the exams are not based on any single reference. AAERT credentialing programs and examinations are based on an Exam Specifications “blueprint.” The blueprints govern the competency requirements for each credential and provide the outline of topics for the examinations. Examination questions are developed from the blueprints and applicants should base their examination study on the blueprint.


AAERT publishes and offers for sale a Best Practices Guide, which covers a wide range of professional standards and is useful as . Candidates are not required to purchase or use the guide in order to qualify for or take the certification examination. PLEASE NOTE: As standards change and the profession evolves, some of the information in the guide may become outdated.


As a courtesy to individuals interested in taking a certification examination, AAERT may publish on its website a list of courses and/or approved schools for examination preparation of which it is aware. AAERT does not endorse any specific person, product, resource, or service as a means of preparing for or achieving certification. Candidates are encouraged to plan their own course of study by reviewing the examination blueprint, identifying any areas of weakness, and securing the necessary resources to adequately prepare for the examination.

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This guide covers a wide range of professional standards laid out by AAERT. Whether you are a reporter, transcriber, or both, we all share a professional goal: turning human communications (messy, “non-literary,” and disorganized, as they almost always are!) into a permanently accessible legal record. Our transcripts must present an undistorted, reliable reflection of proceedings, and at the same time be useful and helpful to our clients.

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This 274-page manual costs $50 for Members and $75 Non-Members and is provided in PDF format. NOTE: After purchase the Best Practices Guide will be email to you within 2-3 business days.

Transferring a copy of the Best Practices Guide to an unregistered user violates the copyright laws of the United States, and can result in legal consequences.

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