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Approved Schools/Courses

List of AAERT Approved Digital Court Reporting and Transcription Schools

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AAERT does not require any specific type of exam preparation or training, and the exams are not based on any single reference. AAERT credentialing programs and examinations are based on an Exam Specifications “blueprint.” The blueprints govern the competency requirements for each credential and provide the outline of topics for the examinations. Examination questions are developed from the blueprints and applicants should base their examination study on the blueprint.

AAERT publishes and offers for sale a Best Practices Guide, which covers a wide range of professional standards. Candidates are not required to purchase or use the guide in order to qualify for or take the certification examination. PLEASE NOTE: As standards change and the profession evolves, some of the information in the guide may become outdated.

As a courtesy to individuals interested in taking a certification examination, AAERT may publish on its website a list of courses and/or approved schools for examination preparation of which it is aware. AAERT does not endorse any specific person, product, resource, or service as a means of preparing for or achieving certification. Candidates are encouraged to plan their own course of study by reviewing the examination blueprint, identifying any areas of weakness, and securing the necessary resources to adequately prepare for the examination.

BlueLedge, a legal classroom, is a worldwide digital court reporter and legal transcriptionist training institute. Our goal is to make BlueLedge the premiere training choice for people interested in a career within the litigation services industry by providing the necessary skills and education that the legal profession demands. Our classes are all online, self-paced, and you are free to enroll in the course and begin your studies on your schedule with open enrollment year-round. Whether you are a student just starting out, a professional looking to improve skills, a person investigating a career change, or a firm owner or manager seeking to improve your team’s productivity, BlueLedge can help you reach your goals faster. For more information, go to our website or email us at info@blueledge.com.

Learn to be a digital reporter or transcriptionist of the highest caliber by attending Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) award-winning Captioning and Court Reporting Program. Benefit from robust courses that encompass all aspects of work in these fields. Take your courses in a fully online environment allowing you to attend 24/7 as you interact with faculty, instructional materials, audio and visual presentations, and classmates via discussion board forums. You will find support in locating employment at the completion of your studies. A career in the judicial field capturing the testimony of trials and other legal proceedings, digitally managing the record, is exciting, interesting, and lucrative. Enjoy all the benefits that can be yours by completing Tri-C’s two-semester training program. Pell Grant/Federal Loan and GI Bill eligible. Contact Kelly Moranz, Program Director, at kelly.moranz@tri-c.edu, 216-987-5214 or visit our website.

Transcribe Anywhere offers fast, accurate and affordable transcription training. Our mission is to prepare our students with comprehensive, all-inclusive training that will propel them to success on their path to an in-demand and rewarding career as a transcriptionist. Our courses are hosted entirely online and available 24/7. We place no time limits on completion and offer a lifetime membership, meaning you can always revisit your course and access your training after graduation – even the material we add later. We not only provide skills training with real-world practice files, but also all of the tips, tools, and resources needed for finding work after completing your training. Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice covers all aspects of the legal transcription industry and prepares our graduates to pursue their CET designation offered by AAERT. Our world-class instructors have over 100 years of combined transcription experience and are eager to help you on your path to earning as a qualified transcriptionist. To learn more, please visit us at https://transcribeanywhere.com.

Majors in our business pathway lead to careers in accounting, judicial court reporting, management, office administration and paralegal. The skills, applications and techniques obtained in these degrees will give graduates the confidence and knowledge to attain success in all aspects of business. Clark State also offers certificate programs for Professional Digital Reporters and Professional Digital Editors.

The Court Reporting Academy was created with the philosophy of combining today’s best court reporting industry skills development practices with new skills required to master the industry’s emerging digital technologies. Digital technology skills are quickly becoming critical to the entire court reporting delivery ecosystem and court reporters, scopists, transcribers, proofers and videographers who successfully master these skills will be in high demand. The Academy is not just for digital reporters, rather we embrace and support all current and future skills for both stenographic, voice and digital court reporting related professions. Our professional skills training and mentorship team has over 100 years’ experience in successfully preparing individuals as qualified court reporting industry professionals. The Academy team is eager to help you succeed. The Court Reporting Academy is a proud sponsor and supporter of AAERT. All students taking one of our DCR courses are encouraged and expertly prepared for obtaining their AAERT certification.

https://courses.learntotranscribe.com/Ready to embark on a rewarding stay-at-home career?  Learn to Transcribe™ Academy is your gateway to mastering the art of transcription, offering top-notch training courses that will develop and hone your skills and create new job opportunities.  Our popular legal transcription training puts students on a path toward pursuing the Certified Electronic Transcriber (CET) certification through the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).  Linda Wilson, a Certified Court Reporter, nationally known for her expertise in the fields of court reporting, scoping, proofreading, and transcription, is the primary instructor of the easy-to-follow lectures that are designed for the beginner and seasoned transcriptionist alike.
Available courses are located at https://courses.learntotranscribe.com.
Please contact info@learntotranscribe.com 
for further information.

Fox Valley Technical College®, a 2-year public college in Appleton and Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has been the college of choice in this community for over 100 years. Digital Court Reporter Technical Diploma – In this online program, you’ll gain an understanding of the digital recording system maintenance, upkeep and operation. You’ll receive training in using recording software and providing litigation support, as well as annotating proceedings with essential case information, performing playback of proceedings and accurately preparing and proofreading transcripts.

Court reporters play an important role in our judicial system, capturing, protecting, and preserving records of court proceedings and pre-trial depositions. The MacCormac School of Court Reporting at Generations College is an industry-leading college of court reporting. In fact, our Chicago court reporter program was the first in the nation. Graduates of our Associate of Applied Science in Court Reporting degree program will learn how to transcribe and create complete and accurate legal records while taking advantage of exciting internship opportunities and learning skills they can transition from the classroom to the courtroom.

Mastering Transcription - Approved Schools

It is the goal of Mastering Transcription’s program to provide professional training to those desiring to become law enforcement transcriptionists. Becoming part of the exciting field of law enforcement as a support service provider of speech-to-text solutions is not a job; it is a career!

Whether you want personal professional development or you’re an employer seeking training for a more competent and productive team, workforce training at Stark State has a credit or non-credit training course for you that’s affordable, flexible and accessible.

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