At the 2024 Annual Conference and Leadership Summit, AAERT officially installed three newly-elected board members and Ben Jaffee, who was re-elected to the board for another term. The new board also met to elect its officers. Please join us in congratulating each member of the 2024-2025 AAERT Board of Directors as they tackle the important work of leading our association at a key inflection point.

President: Susan La Pooh, CER, CDR
Vice President: Benjamin Jaffe, CER, CDR
Secretary: Sandi Wilson, CSR (CA), FPR, CER, CDR
Treasurer: Lisa Luciano, CDR, CET
Director: Marybeth Burke-Dring, CER, CDR
Director: Elizabeth Dwyer
Director: Merritt Gilbert, CER, CDR, FPM
Director: Shaylah Kiser, CDR, CER
Director: Tori Lawton, CDR, CER, CET
Director: Jennifer Lindeman, CER, CDR

Additionally, two highly respected members of the AAERT board have completed their board service. AAERT extends its deepest gratitude to founding board member Janet Harris, CER, CET, whose leadership and service have been instrumental in making AAERT the thriving organization is today, and to Jay Gross, CER, whose tenure brought invaluable insights and key accomplishments. AAERT would like to express our deepest gratitude for their dedicated service and many contributions to the future of our association.

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